Friday, April 24, 2009

Nero understands ......

I know the video isn't very good... but, it does give you an example of how well Nero listens and can understand what I say....

At the beginning, I ask, "What have you got?" He drops the toy.

Then I ask where Story is. See him look to the left of the screen, then back to me? When I ask again, about Story, he again looks, and then you see Story come running. He was obviously 'looking at her' when I asked where she was. ;)

Do you hear me say, in a normal tone, "No, not that way... this way." And Nero, who is trotting off with his teddy-bear, turns immediately, and continues to trot with his bear, in the direction I wanted.

Tough guy, huh? LOL ;D

BTW I can't see the video screen in the daylight... so that's why I'm filming the grass. Sorry.