Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Puppy see, Puppy do!

Okay, so my 12 year old is hard to wake up, some days. Hard to believe, I know.
So, after I called, Jesse, a few times.... I start taking away his pillows and blankets... one by one.... He laughs, and tries to hold onto them, as I pull them off the bed and make a pile.

So, this morning, it's back to 'standard time' so I get to sleep in, right? Well, Nero's not quite into this.... I get my usual wake up kiss/nuzzle, then he lays back down and wait, and waits... Then, approaching the 'hour overtime'.... I feel a tug on the blankets! "Ahtt! No, don't do that!" I say firmly but quietly. He goes to the other side of the bed.... I feel a slight, but constant, gentle PUULLLLLLL, on one of the blankets.... and I raise my head to see, Nero's HUGE BLACK FACE, hieghten abit in anticipation!
"Okay! I'm UP!

"What a guy!

Nero's run in with the police!!!

Towards the end of our walk today, Nero and I, were on a dirt road, surrounded by trees and long grass, no sidewalk, just ditches. Up ahead there was a car, parked on a strange angle. At least I thought it was parked... as we got closer, I realized, the little tan Sunfire, was not only in the ditch, but it had struck a tree! Both airbags had deployed, and the car was empty. Certainly, there was 'no GOOD reason' for this to have happened. As I was examining the car.... I heard the sound of another car approaching! It was a Police car, and it was coming through the grass toward the road where it stopped, just behind the Sunfire.I started to walk away..... as the Police Officer approached the car.Then I stopped. Turned back, and annouced to the officer that I hadn't seen anything... I was just walking my dog passed.But, the Policeman, wasn't looking at the car, and he wasn't looking at me. He was STARING at Nero with WIDE EYES! "That dog is HUGE!", he exclaims. Nero, wanted to go and, make friends.... so I loosened up on the 9 ft, buffallo hide, thumb lead, Paw Paw Mike sold me at HC. (shameless plug for Mike) and Nero trots over the the, fully uniformed officer, (who is alittle uncertain).I offer some comforting words, "He's friendly.... He might be alittle intimidated by all your equipment(?)" I followed Nero to the man, who is now laughing with delight, a "Oh, ho ho!".Nero was funny, he goes up to the man (who wasn't very tall) and he looks right into his face and puts his chin on the mans chest! Well, the officer is petting Nero's beautiful soft fur and chuckling with delight! Nero's expression was kind of like, "Oh give me a kiss, I love you!" So the guy does!!! RIGHT ON NERO'S LIPS! It was a quick peck.... that was begging to happen!!!! So we chatted for a couple of seconds.... then, a whole bunch of people started coming from all directions.... Oh ya, the accident sceen! Off I go, with Nero at a perfect heal.... and the leash over my shoulder. Back home.