Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walk with me, Nero

Nero and I, were finally able to venture back out in the woods, as the weather is cooler and the mosquitos are all but gone.  Most of the paths are overgrown now, but, we managed to pick our way through to the clearer areas.  There's some really big scary look'n trees out there!
At one point, we heard an animal in the tree tops, and suddenly, something came crashing to the ground, like a large stone falling out of a tree!  After which, all was silent.... then we saw the brush moving, as something made a MAD DASH through it, to escape as far away from us as fast as it could!  I have to assume it was a squirrel?  But, I really couldn't see him.
Nero and I travelled far and deep, enjoying the cool, fresh air and the green all around us.  It was beautiful. 
Suddenly, Nero stopped, in the middle of the path, his ears alert as he scanned the area up ahead and on either side... then back at me.  So, I stopped... and waited.  He stood still, listening and looking around.  I whispered, "What is it, boy?"  "Is there something there?"  He didn't look too concerned.... so I continued to walk passed him, to see what "I" could see.... nothing.  (???) Then I realized, THIS was the place we had walked by, where "something" had fallen out of the tree!!!   Wow!  Everything looked so much the same to me.... I didn't even realize that is where we were!  But, Nero knew.  He felt he'd best be on the look out.   It's just so amazing what they can do.

  Nero is so special to me... if I loved him any more, I think my heart would burst.

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